Media Relations

Media Relations

Media Exposure
[aka Publicity] News, Television, Radio, Publications, Blogs and more are leveraged for maximum credibility to your brand and action from consumers. We offer hands-on representation during the entire process unlike any PR or Media Production Firms.
Public Relations
Events, Contests, Charity and More maximized to the demanded results of your brand and business. After 12 years of galas, fundraisers, tournaments and outreaches, our finesse and drive accomodate many needs and requirements.
Crisis Management
At the worst of times it takes skill, experience and strong relationships to effectively manage and control any crisis. Our approach precedes any potential negative press or perception by developing the personal stories and expertise of our clients.
Media Training
The camera can be intimidating and takes practice to thoroughly prepare for an interview. A combined 14 years in front of microphones and cameras empowers our clients to shine their best through training and tips.
Story Development
Quality exposure and publicity stem from a strong story. We combine breaking news, global trends and traditional themes to develop the stories of our clients. It’s the secret to our continuing success.


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Logo Development
Promoting instant public recognition, logos are a long-term visual step in Branding. We are capable of consulting and developing an exceptional logo for your business’ future.
Mission Development
Targeting the ambitions of your business into a meaningful and easily communicated mission is a task we take very seriously and where perform very well. Defining the impression your business leaves with customers is our specialty.
Print & Collateral
Executing your brand identity into a consistent experience from customer service to human relations is a task we handle with precision. We have the best partners and staff to design and produce any needed piece of collateral and print.
Graphic Art
Artwork, organized text and pure design elements such as shapes and color to unify the websites, products and collateral make a huge professional impression. Often imagery and photographs, will fill the visual context of your business’ needs.


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Media Buys
Finding the best placement and the most value out of a piece of advertising requires a team and insider knowledge. After researching and negotiating, our team is exceptional at quality buys with real worth.
Direct Mail
No matter the age, a quality piece of mail will be able to intensify brand awareness and prompt action from consumers. With 20+ years of direct mail experience, we produce quality and results.
Pay Per Click
Online search engines provide incredible information at your hands and consumers to your website. Managing the value and effectiveness of pay per click advertising has been an endearing passion of ours and one we’ve had great success.
Ad Networks
The unique cross-blend of visual and click advertising produces instant recognition and action from prospective customers. Designing, developing and targeting ads to maximize potential is no easy task but we generate tremendous results.

Online Media

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Website Development
The home for your business online should be handled with diligence and care. With the latest technology, strategic knowledge and tested tactics we provide websites of exceptional potential.
Blog Development
Either a type of website or usually integrated with a website, blogs place publishing at your fingertips. Our services for blogs include development, implementation and ghost writing to empower your business’ success.
Social Networking
Encouraging users to share your business with friends can translate into fast and massive response. Using the right tools and tactics, we build viral and sweeping social successes one person at a time.
Search Engine Optimization
[aka SEO] Improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines via the “organic” search results adds credibility to consumers and provides instant access to your business. Designing for the best SEOis an integral part of all our Online Media services.
Video Production
Online video is viral, entertaining and much preferred over type or graphics. Powerful and brief videos make your mission, brand, products and call to action mobile and compelling.
Content Development
Website’s don’t always generate their own content compelling visitors to act and buy. Focusing content, copy and media to prompt visitors for action makes our services unique.
Email Marketing
Directly marketing to people at work, home or on the go with visuals and enticements provokes fast and measurable outcomes that can be quickly improved and easily monitored. We offer 8+ years of knowledge to successfully benefit from any email marketing.

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